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Fresh Trade Winds

After only 12 hours motoring out of Galapagos the Picton Castle picked up fresh trade-winds. The usual destination for westward bound vessels from Galapagos is the Marquesas, just south of due west but not for us. We are steering SW for Pitcairn Island over 2,700 miles away deep in the South Pacific Ocean. Having these […]

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July 4th!

Our multi-national (9 nations represented aboard) crew takes shipmately fun in celebrating everyone’s national day. The theme for this American Independence Day, just called the 4th of July, was a “Backyard BBQ”, with the main hatch being the “backyard”. Threads to the theme were “do your own thing” and “chillin like a villain” with an […]

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Canada Day

July 1, Canada Day started by sailing off the hook from the harbour at Wreck Bay as we departed the Galapagos Islands, bound for Pitcairn Island, about 2800nm away. Shortly after Picton Castle got out to sea, the Canadians on board met to plan and organize an event to celebrate our national day. The crew […]

World Voyage 5

Returning to Galapagos

The Barque Picton Castle is returning to Galapagos due to a medical issue involving one of our crew members. The individual is being treated by the ship’s medical officer in consultation with Health Force Partners, the worldwide medical service to which we subscribe, for possible appendicitis. We have been in contact with her family. Expected […]

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From Panama the Picton Castle had mostly headwinds and we thus motored plenty more than we would have liked – must have been due to all the pollywogs aboard, now thankfully all gone – we did manage to sail across the Equator under full sail anyway. Being in the Galapagos is a multileveled treat. First, […]