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Bumpy Ride

Brad was washing his clothes in buckets of salt water on the well deck on Sunday afternoon. He had been putting off this task for a while, thinking that it has been sunny and beautiful for so long that doing his laundry would surely bring rain. His clean clothes supply couldn’t hold out any longer, so Sunday was laundry day for Brad. As he was rinsing, a squall with a bit of wind and some rain came through. By 1600, once his clean laundry was hung up on the clothesline, there were thick dark clouds to windward and the breeze had picked up. Seems that his laundry got an extra fresh water rinse. Since supper time Sunday, we’ve been having a bit of a bumpy ride. There is a large swell coming from SW, right on our nose. There are no big weather patterns in our vicinity that would cause that, so it must be coming from very far south. After about two days of winds between Force 2 and 4, we’re back up to Force 5 and 6 and overcast skies. We set stuns’ls on Friday to add some speed in the light winds, but there’s now too much wind for these light air sails. Under square sails only and no royals, we’re currently making a steady 7 and 8 knots. We expect to arrive at Pitcairn, currently just over 900nm away, maybe in the next week or so, depending on the wind. The Captain held a muster on Saturday to talk about the island, a bit of its history, its people and the nature of our visit. The crew asked all sorts of good questions and we’re all looking forward to our arrival. Very excited indeed!!!

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