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Lunenburg Santa Claus Parade

Saturday November 28 was the middle day of Picton Castle‘s three-day Cargo Sale, it was also the first annual Santa Claus Parade in Lunenburg. The theme for the whole parade was “Santa in a Fishing Dory,” a fitting theme for a town with such a strong seafaring heritage. In recent years, Santa has made his arrival in Lunenburg on board a scallop dragger, this year he was part of the parade and arrived in a dory.

The Picton Castle crew entered our unique dory in the parade, Sea Never Dry, with her tropical pink, blue, green and yellow paint job. Because of the power lines over the road on the parade route, we couldn’t put up Sea Never Dry‘s usual sailing rig, so we used the shorter rig from Mr Bones and reefed Sea Never Dry‘s cotton Senegalese sail to fit. The Bosun School students decorated our dory for the parade, going with a tropical Christmas theme. In addition to the things we expect to see at this time of year, like tinsel and garland, Sea Never Dry was decorated with inflatable palm trees and tiki lights.

The crew looked tropical to match Sea Never Dry, with some allowances for November weather in Nova Scotia. Over their pants and long sleeve shirts they wore sarongs and grass skirts, all sorts of brightly coloured clothes. They waved flags from around the world, played drums and handed out candy canes to the parade spectators.

We had a great time in the parade and the crew like being involved in the community while we’re here in port. Many thanks to the parade organizers for the opportunity to participate!

For a video recap of the parade, check this out. You will see us briefly near the beginning of the video.

crew in tropical gear
dressed up in tropical outfits
last minute preparations
parading down Lincoln Street
Sea Never Dry tropical Christmas

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