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Michael Moreland, Young Sail Trainer of the Year

Picton Castle Chief Mate Michael Moreland has recently been awarded Young Sail Trainer of the Year by Sail Training International. Both Michael and Second Mate Paul Bracken were in attendance at the Sail Training International annual conference in Istanbul, Turkey when the award was presented. This award is given annually to a professional sail trainer under 26 years old to encourage and recognize high-performing individuals who deliver sail training programs.

Michael has served as Picton Castle‘s Chief Mate since March 2008, on the year-long voyage around the Atlantic Basin, as well as this summer’s voyage on the east coast of North America. Michael will continue on in this role on the ship’s upcoming world circumnavigation voyage, starting in May 2010.

Here are a few highlights from Michael’s nomination:

“Michael joined this ship as a 16 year old cadet in the summer of 2000 and
returned as a trainee for the Picton Castle‘s third circumnavigation 2003-
2004. At the end of this voyage he immediately headed off to the Maine
Maritime Academy where I am told by his instructors… he excelled in every way. After graduating with distinction
from MMA Michael went to serve in the Brig Niagara, Schooner Amistad and
other vessels to advance his craft.

The Picton Castle just completed a remarkable 20,000 mile voyage around the
Atlantic including much of coastal Europe, West Africa, Brazil, West Indies,
New England and the Canadian Maritime provinces. For this voyage Michael was
originally signed up to be Second Mate but when the designated Chief Mate
had to back out for reasons at home at the last minute I asked Michael to
step up to the plate…

As an upcoming yet accomplished mariner, I have seen few Michaels equal. As
a small boat handler he is exceptional. As a calm, well organized leader he
is a pleasure to work with. As a sailing ship and sail training officer he
is dedicated to his craft. As a shipmate you could not ask for better.”

Congratulations, Michael, we’re all very proud of your accomplishments!

For more details, check out Sail Training International.

Mike leads plotting workshop
Mike teaches workshop on piloting

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