Lunenburg Miscellaneous

Picton Castle Rowers Take Charity Challenge

Saturday, September 12 was an extraordinarily busy day on the Lunenburg waterfront, what with the International Dory Races, the launching of the schooner Kitty Cochran at the Dory Shop, and all of the other events of the Lunenburg Waterfront Seafood Festival. One of those events was the Bailly‚Äôs Fuels Charity Dory Challenge in support of […]

Bosun Scool Lunenburg

Downrig and Small Boats

Picton Castle has been in Lunenburg for a week and a half now, and the ship and crew are settling into a routine of life in port. We continue to muster at 0800 every morning, we still start our workday with cleaning the ship, Donald continues to make fantastic meals on the regular schedule and […]


Return to Lunenburg

Picton Castle motored into Lunenburg at about 8:00pm last Friday night, completing the 2009 summer voyage. Sailing into Lunenburg is always exciting. The coastline becomes familiar once we spot Cross Island in the distance, then come around into Lunenburg Bay. Crew who have spent some time in Lunenburg point out the communities and features as […]