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The Atlantic Neighbourhood

IMG_0789.JPGThe Picton Castle crew had a fantastic eye-opening time in Dakar. We all could spend much more time here getting to know the place and people better. The sights, the desert, the big (80’) fishing canoes near to where we land our boat on the beach, the friendly and engaging folks, music, food, you name it, (along with our fascinating visit in Morocco) all leaves us wanting more here in Africa

We are discovering something remarkably intriguing about this voyage, although a bit obvious when put into words. Sailing from the former British Atlantic colony of Nova Scotia to Ireland (England’s first colony), to England, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway and down to Spain and Portugal, closer and closer to Africa, then Morocco, North Africa, now Senegal, soon onto Cape Verde and then onto Brazil and the Caribbean islands– in some ways the cultural changes seem sudden and swift from place to place but on the other hand if you step back and squint your eyes just right the cultural shifts are actually quite gradual and sort of seamless in a way and they even inform each other a great deal within proximity – very interesting. For example, southern Spain is very, very Arabic in so many ways (architecture, music, food, look of the people). Senegal has so much in common with the Caribbean and much of the Americas in general. Even so called white North America has a great deal in common with things African that most would presume. Africa is in every North American’s roots. This Voyage of the Atlantic is something like a front row seat at the panoramic telling of the “Story of Us” in North America – our roots are everywhere, very interesting voyage, challenging too. This ocean is no barrier but a splendid highway.

Strong trade winds every day, soon time to pull up anchor…we are very excited to be visiting the eastern outpost of the New World of the Cape Verde Islands. Sal, Boavista and Sao Vincente. And soon the long sea passage bound for Brazil and the West Indies.

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