Lunenburg Voyage of the Atlantic World 2008

Busy in Lunenburg

It has been a while since we posted a Captain’s Log, things have been quite busy around Picton Castle. The ship is still snugly tied to the dock in Lunenburg and now that our first Bosun School has finished we have been working away steadily on a number of different projects. Local carpenter Dave Rodenhiser […]

Lunenburg Miscellaneous

A Funny Moment In Luneneburg

“Your dinner aboard the ship is some expensive,” said the woman sitting across from me in the doctor’s office waiting room. Dinner aboard the ship, I wondered. Huh? “Oh, you mean the dinner that’s being auctioned off in support of LaHave Manor.” “Fifty dollars a ticket, prepared by the Captain, served on the ship,’ she […]

Bosun Scool

The Bosun School

Here on our wharf in Lunenburg The Bosun School is in full swing and the gang has been busy, very busy. We have had six weeks of almost perfect weather at the ideal time of year. So often we find ourselves working in the cold rain and even snow while we down rig or up […]