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Meet the Crew IX

Johanna, Deckhand


Johanna, a native of Lunenburg, first sailed in the Picton Castle during the summer tall ships voyage in 2004 and without hesitation she signed up as a trainee for the first seven months of the fourth world voyage, sailing from Lunenburg to Bali. In 2005 Johanna was responsible for securing a large donation of school supplies for World Wise, a not-for-profit organization that partnered with the Picton Castle to distribute essential educational materials to island schools throughout the South Pacific and South Africa. The Picton Castle and warm, tropical sunshine hold a special place in Johanna’s heart and it is quite natural that once again she made a home for herself aboard during our Caribbean voyage, having joined us in Dominica in March for the filming of the CBS series Pirate Master. A year away from the ship has not affected Johanna’s memory much as she recalls virtually each and every one of our 175 lines of running rigging. She has been a tremendous example and patient instructor for our new trainees, but she does not like to share her secret for stowing her favourite sail, the main topmast staysail. She is our resident “wave magnet” and primary puppy wrangler.

Frederick, Deckhand


Frederick joined the Picton Castle crew at the beginning of March while we were working at his native island of Dominica. Our crew encountered Frederick on a frequent basis at his place of work and as the relationship built, he voiced his curiosity and interest in what we do, so we invited him to spend a day working and sailing with us. One day turned into many, and Frederick moved aboard as a permanent volunteer crew member. He has worked hard to develop his seafaring skills over the past several weeks and we took him with us when we sailed from Dominica. In his 27 years Frederick had never visited any other Caribbean island so he was quite thrilled to have visited the islands of Martinique, Jost Van Dyke and Tortola in the BVIs. Frederick was inspired by our heavily tattooed crew and got his first tattoo while visiting ashore in Martinique (he blames Erin). He has since flown home to Dominica with a promise to meet us again in a few months time. Frederick’s sincerity, laid back island attitude and unique style make him a great addition to our crew.

Doc Jeremy, Medical Officer

Doc Jeremy hails from Massachusetts and has spent many months aboard the Picton Castle, joining us for the first leg of the fourth world voyage and surprised the crew in Grenada where he joined us for the sail home to Lunenburg. Jeremy is a retired heart surgeon, a pilot, and tall ship sailor. You can find Doc on the quarterdeck with his sextant at sunrise, high noon, and twilight; he is our only shipmate who can give Bosun Lynsey, celestial navigation guru, a run for her money. Doc especially enjoys climbing high aloft to do solo projects such as nipping bunts on the square sails.

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Meet the Crew VIII

Rebecca, 2nd Mate


A native Nova Scotian, Rebecca has recently returned to the Picton Castle with a brand new Watch-keeping Mate license. She earned the required sea time sailing in the Picton Castle‘s third and fourth world voyages before completing courses in British Columbia throughout the fall and most of the winter months. Rebecca has proven that she can master any skill aboard that she turns her hands to. She has worked on board as sailmaker, rigger, assistant bosun and watch officer. When she isn’t acting as the second greatest female sailor role model aboard, she is also a licensed physiotherapist and a figure skating coach.

Andrea, Chief Engineer


A Cleveland resident, Andrea sailed as a trainee on the fourth world voyage, and stayed on for most of the Great Lakes tour last summer as Assistant Engineer. This winter she has advanced to Chief Engineer, a position that suits her attention to detail. Before joining the ship Andrea worked as a blimp pilot. Andrea is always prepared; she keeps her binoculars in the engine room fiddley ready to check out anything going on around us. She is an accomplished helmsman and celestial navigator, is known for reading guide books, researching our ports of call, and for being the biggest air guitar band fanatic in the world.

Lynsey, Bosun


Lynsey grew up in Ontario and now calls Lunenburg home when not sailing aboard the ship. She has been with the Picton Castle almost seven years, and has completed three circumnavigations. She first sailed as a trainee, and has worked her way up to being a combination of Bosun and Mate. A powerhouse of energy, smarts, and seamanship, Lynsey is a tremendous role model for all of the female and male crew aboard. An extremely capable watch officer and ship’s Mate she is the go-to girl for answers to all sorts of ship questions, everything from the right mixture for oiling the decks, to where the metric monkey wrench is kept, to resident celestial navigation guru. She also manages The Sea Chest, the Picton Castle‘s store in Lunenburg. At swim call, Lynsey can often be found relaxing with her inflatable “swimming bee” tucked neatly under her arms.

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