East Coast Tall Ships Challenge 2007

Pirate Master

The secret TV shoot the Picton Castle has been working on for over two months is finished. “It’s a wrap,” as they say in TV land. There is still lots of work to be done, editing and so forth but the filming or video taping is complete. Since mid-February the Picton Castle has been at […]

Atlantic Ocean Caribbean Winter Voyage 2006-07 Summer Trip 2006

If You Are What You Eat, We’re Caribbean!

Donald Church, cook on the Picton Castle, is from Grenada. He worked as chef on eight cruise ships over a 20-year period. We met him through the Captain’s mutual friends when we were looking to hire a cook in the beginning of January while the ship was in Grenada. Having a cook from the Caribbean […]

Caribbean Winter Voyage 2006-07

Summer Plans

Sailing around the Eastern Caribbean this winter has been an amazing experience for the crew of the Picton Castle, but now we’re looking ahead to the next exciting voyage. Starting in Martinique on May 1, with an island stop or two on the way, we will make a deep-sea passage to Charleston, South Carolina. In […]