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Next Mail Call: Cape Town!

Just so you know, we are not yet in Cape Town. The Mail Call shown here was in Bali. We just want you to know what it MIGHT look like in Cape Town—IF you send us some mail! Oh, yes, and we will be there for three weeks, so if you send something we will get it!

This is what a mail call looks like. See how calmly we stare at the black bags on the hatch?

It is all mail in those bags.

Five minutes later you can’t take a picture, as it is just total carnage! Like 10-year-olds opening Christmas presents.

It is so exciting—truly exciting!

It doesn’t have to be a parcel; in most cases letters are better. We get to hear first-hand what’s happening with you guys. It is so nice to know someone took the time to sit down and write us a letter about all the stuff that we have not been present for. E-mail is fine but it’s just not the same thing. Believe it or not, we do miss the events you are telling us about, and we like hearing about them. Just because we are in Bali or Cape Town doesn’t mean we aren’t interested in Aunt Mabel’s birthday or what the dog did. We want to know about these things.

… And just because we like letters doesn’t mean to say we don’t like the parcels. We love the parcels! We do especially like parcels with sweets and magazines and new t-shirts and CDs. We don’t really like the ones with the bills all rubberbanded up in them. They aren’t so good. But the ones with the candy are numba one!!!!!!

So here it is. Look all these happy people looking at their mail in Bali, and then quick! Get yourself off to the post office and SEND US SOME MAIL!!!!!

We know you want to. Because you love us!

And because we are so far away … ho hum.

If you already have sent heaps of mail? Well, then, go forth with blessings!

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