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On the Way to Cape Town

Its muggy today on the Picton Castle, no burning sun scorching down but just a hot, sweaty stickiness that makes us feel like we are totally melting! We have nearly rounded the tip of Madagascar and the seas are lumpy and swelly. But conditions are good and we are making fine progress. The sky is a mixture of clouds and some misty blue but at least it isn’t as squally as yesterday!

We caught a 48-pound Wahoo this morning and Danie said it nearly broke his thumb hauling it in—a big one it was! Pania cut the eye out so we could see how big it was, disgusting! But tonight we feast like kings, as Joe makes us fresh fried Wahoo.

The riggers Rebecca, Ollie, and Jeff Hicks continue to overhaul the shroud eyes and turnbuckles. Amanda is in a painting frenzy, making the Picton Castle look pretty for our arrival at Cape Town. The sailmakers have a new addition: Margot has joined in as another dayman sailmaker and they are working on the new mainsail. The watches are either helping Amanda or overhauling the capstan bars.

Every day the closer the Picton Castle gets to Cape Town, the more excited we get. We are excited about seeing friends who live in South Africa. Many crew onboard are excited about seeing family and friends who will come especially to visit. Then there is Danie, our South African engineer, who will actually be seeing his family and his home. Quite frankly, he is so overexcited that I have no idea how he sleeps at night!

There is mail to get, too. Quick! Pop something in the mail to us if you haven’t already, because we already have bets on who will get the most mail. (That’s a big hint, by the way!) There is a new country to explore and elephants to see. There is Christel House, a school with which we have a special relationship and are dying to see again. Today we have heard from them, and they are excited too! We plan to have mountains of work done while we are there. Bosun Lynsey’s list is written on a piece of paper too big to fold up and put in her pocket!

AND the closer we get to Cape Town, the cooler it gets. Ah, yes, the blessed cool, cool breeze. We needed sweaters on the way around the Cape of Good Hope last time and quite frankly I can’t wait!

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