World Voyage 7

Picton Castle under sailIn October 2017, Picton Castle will begin an epic 18-month voyage around the world. This will be the ship's seventh time circling the globe under sail.

Trainees on Picton Castle's first six world circumnavigation voyages describe their experience as profoundly enriching, broadening their understanding of the world in both the physical and cultural sense while gaining seamanship skills and an intimate knowledge of how the ship works.

This is the longest uninterrupted adventure you can sign up for anywhere. Take a chance and sail around the world!

Become a Trainee

hauling on linesPicton Castle's crew complement is made up of 52 people, which includes 12 experienced, qualified, certified professional mariners and 40 sail trainees. With the instruction and guidance of the professional crew, trainees are an integral part of sailing the ship.

Always dreamed of standing at a ship's wheel steering under a cloud of white canvas sails? This is your chance. You will also haul on lines, handle sails, scrub the decks, take your turn on forward lookout, paint the entire ship from top to bottom, peel carrots for the cook in the galley, observe and log the weather, plot our position on charts, tie knots, splice rope, brace the yards and whatever else it takes to keep the ship sailing.

No sailing experience is needed to become a trainee. You will learn the skills you need and how it all works through the process of sailing the ship, as well as regular workshops.

World Voyage 7 Itinerary

LegLocationPort Date
Leg 1: South Pacific BoundLunenburg, Nova Scotia, CanadaOctober 1, 2017
 Caribbean Islands 
 Panama & Panama Canal 
 Galapagos Islands 
 Pitcairn Island 
 Mangareva, French Polynesia 
 Marquesas, French Polynesia 
 Tuamotus, French Polynesia 
 Papeete, Tahiti, French PolynesiaApril 15, 2018
Leg 2: Polynesian PassagePapeete, Tahiti, French PolynesiaApril 15, 2018
 The Society Islands 
 Penrhyn Atoll and/or other Northern Cook Islands 
 Aitutaki, Cook Islands 
 Avatiu, Rarotonga, Cook Islands 
 Palmerston Atoll, Cook Islands 
 Vava'u, Kingdom of Tonga 
 Savu Savu, Fiji 
 Suva, FijiJuly 20, 2018
Leg 3: Fiji to Bali and AfricaSuva, FijiJuly 20, 2018
 Efate, Vanuatu 
 Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu 
 Malekula, Vanuatu 
 Pentecost, Vanuatu 
 Bali, Indonesia 
 Rodrigues, Mauritius 
 Reunion, France 
 Cape Town, South AfricaJanuary 1, 2019
Leg 4: TransatlanticCape Town, South AfricaJanuary 1, 2019
 Luderitz, Namibia 
 St. Helena 
 Grenada & the Grenadines 
 Saint Martin 
 British Virgin Islands 
 Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, CanadaMay 1, 2019

*Itinerary subject to change for any reason at any time

More details on the various ports of call will be posted soon.

The Route

swim call at Huahine

For the vast majority of the voyage, Picton Castle will sail in a westerly direction, always toward the sunset. Starting from our base of operations in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada you'll head south to lower latitudes and warmer weather in the Caribbean Sea. Then the drive west begins, passing through the Panama Canal into the Pacific Ocean. After many, many island visits in Polynesia and Melanesia, you will pass through the Torres Strait between Australia and Papua New Guinea, from the Pacific Ocean into the Indian Ocean. After crossing the Indian Ocean you will sail around the south end of Africa and the Cape of Good Hope. You'll cross the South Atlantic from east to west, approaching the Equator again, then the Caribbean, then it's north to return to Lunenburg a year and a half later.

Who Can Sail

trainee laura on the helmThis voyage is open to men and women ages 18+ of all nationalities. Sailing experience is NOT required.

Imagine you're in the middle of the ocean, weeks away from land, living and working with 51 other people in a space not longer than 179 feet and not wider than 23 feet. Now imagine what kind of people you'd want to be with in that situation; it's probably people who are pleasant, amiable and even-tempered. All candidates are subject to an application process including an interview. You are also required to provide proof of good health and the ability to do moderately strenuous physical activity.

crew work aloftMaybe this is something you have always dreamed of. Maybe you're taking a gap year or a career break. Maybe you want vocational training to start a maritime career. Maybe you're up for the adventure of a lifetime. Picton Castle is the only square-rigged ship sailing around the world today on which you can sign on to sail as crew the whole way 'round.

Trainees may also sign on for one or more legs of the voyage.


Prices for the voyage, in US dollars (USD), are as follows.

Entire Voyage: $62000
Leg 1: South Pacific Bound: $24800
Leg 2: Polynesian Passage: $15200
Leg 3: Fiji to Bali and Africa: $23200
Leg 4: Transatlantic: $18000

Uncertain about the cost? Look more closely at our voyage fees.

Apply Now

Step aboard for this adventurous journey. Start by filling out the online trainee application form. For more information, contact the voyage coordinator. We look forward to receiving your application.

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