Rendezvous 2017

 Sign aboard for a special voyage from Bermuda to Boston and various ports in Canada, including Quebec City.  

A majestic fleet of international tall ships, including Picton Castle, will sail together, racing and cruising in company, to the various ports that make up the Rendezvous 2017 Tall Ships Regatta.  

Unlike other voyages where you are required to sign on for months at a time, you can sail aboard Picton Castle for as little as two weeks on this voyage.  Use your vacation time to fulfil a dream!  

This voyage begins June 1, 2017 and runs until about August 16, 2017.  Exact dates and ports will be confirmed soon.  Men and women ages 16+ of all nationalities are welcome to apply.  

Bermuda & The Real West Indies

As winter takes hold in the Northern latitudes, sail the Caribbean aboard the square rigged training ship Picton Castle

This voyage both begins and ends in Bermuda, making a circle around the Caribbean Sea.  Sign on for Leg 1 to sail south, then island-hop amongst the islands of the Windward and Leeward Isles.  On Leg 2, sail the coast of the Caribbean Sea to ports of the Spanish Main before heading north to return to Bermuda.  

This voyage begins January 4, 2017 and ends May 31, 2017 and is open to men and women ages 18+.  No sailing experience is necessary, just a strong back and a willing heart!

Back-to-Back Transatlantics

Sail across the Atlantic twice, the first time from Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada to France, and the second time for the return trip.  

This voyage is open to men and women ages 18+ who have some relevant seagoing experience.  The ability to speak both English and French is an asset.

The voyage begins April 18, 2016 and runs until July 31, 2016.

Transatlantic Voyage

For years, we've wanted to make another voyage to Europe, Africa and the Caribbean, to return to some of our favourite ports and to sail in the prevailing westerly winds in the North Atlantic and the sweet trade winds from Cape Verde to the Caribbean.

We're happy to announce the Transatlantic Voyage, starting in October 2015. Starting and ending at Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada, complete a circle of the Atlantic basin under square sail. Along the way, call at ports in the Azores, Spain, Portugal, Senegal and the West Indies. Sail for the full six months of the voyage or sail for a leg of the voyage. 

Anyone can join the crew, all you need is a strong back and a willing heart. No sailing experience is necessary. As a trainee, you'll be involved in all aspects of sailing the ship, learning under sail from our qualified professional crew. 

If you've dreamed of sailing a tall ship across the Atlantic, this is your chance!

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