World Voyage 7

In April 2018, Picton Castle will begin an epic seventh world circumnavigation.  Join the ship as a trainee for the full year-long voyage or for a leg of the voyage! 

Beginning in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, Picton Castle will sail south for Panama and its famous canal, to the Galapagos Islands, islands in French Polynesia, the Cook Islands including Rarotonga and Palmerston Atoll, Vava'u in the Kingdom of Tonga, a number of islands in Vanuatu, Bali, Rodrigues, Reunion, South Africa, Namibia, St. Helena, a number of Caribbean islands and Bermuda before returning to Lunenburg in May 2019.  

This voyage is open to men and women ages 18+ of all nationalities.  No sailing experience is required, just good health and the desire to be a working part of the crew.  

Voyage to the Gulf of Mexico

Sign aboard Picton Castle for short voyage of just a week or two. It's rare that our ship offers opportunities for trainees to join for less than three months at a time, so jump aboard for this unique taste of life aboard under square sail. 

You will be trainee crew on this voyage, learning the ropes (literally!) from our experienced professional crew. Trainees participate in all aspects of life aboard, standing watches day and night with hands-on involvement in sailing the ship. 

No sailing experience? No worries, none needed! You do need to be in good health, able to do moderately strenuous physical activity, and willing to be part of the ship's working crew. 

Join us on this voyage from Bermuda to the Bahamas to Galveston, TX to Pensacola, FL, to New Orleans, LA. Makes a great getaway from winter for pleasant sailing in the Gulf of Mexico!

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