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Doctor Postion Available

Serving as the ship’s doctor on board the Picton Castle is an interesting way to combine being in a ship and medicine says Grady Barnwell, currently the ship’s doctor. In addition to being on call for the medical needs of the crew, Grady knows all his lines and knows how to set and take in all the sails. The ship is well stocked with medical supplies. Fortunately, because of our attention to safety, we do not have to use them all that often. Providing medical care for the crew can be an adventure, with the work as varied as the personalities on board.

Grady has been the doctor on the Picton Castle several times before. He and his fiancée Judy have been on board since we left Lunenburg this summer and are heading home shortly to prepare for their wedding. The Picton Castle will sail from Toronto to Kingston, Ontario, and continue down the St. Lawrence Seaway, passing through all the locks that take ships down to sea level. We will call at Gaspé, Québec, and Summerside, PEI, before heading home to Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

We seek applications from interested doctors for this three- or four-week passage beginning in Toronto on August 27 or Kingston on September 3 and ending in Lunenburg, NS, on September 23. Join the Picton Castle at no cost for a fascinating passage through this great fjord of North America and into the Atlantic Ocean. Come, join our crew and stand by just in case.

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