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Captain’s Log – WOW!

By Arne Stefferud

August 16th, 2018

As we sail around this world, the crew members’ personalities become apparent. Some are introverted and end their “off watch time” (when not sailing the ship) in introspective pursuits of reading and journaling. Others are extroverted and spend time talking to their shipmates about all kinds of topics.

One of our more extroverted mates named Tony says “wow!” to himself and others several times a day. His statement is heartfelt as every day there are new experiences for him and all of us.

Tony is our oldest Sail Trainee, who turned 72 earlier in the voyage. He is a former actor and has a long career in television as an Assistant Director and other behind the camera jobs. His love of tall ships goes back a long time, as he sailed on the Marques in the 1970s to produce the BBC documentary film “The Voyage of Charles Darwin,” the story of Charles Darwin’s voyage of discovery on the Beagle that led to his theory of evolution.

“Wow” has many meanings for Tony. It can express wonder or joy or relief in completing a strenuous task. For Tony, “wow” is the best way to say, “I am very happy to be alive and experience this once-in-a-lifetime voyage on the Picton Castle World Voyage 7.”

We shipmates agree.

Author Arne, Leslie (Pitcairn Host) and Ted

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