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Day’s Run – 27 July, 2018

With heavy hearts, the Picton Castle crew motored away from Pitcairn Island, our home away from home, with the island the near distance off port side. We motored as there is no useful wind for sailing.

At 1300 the longboat was loaded with our bags, souvenirs and fruit, oh so much delicious fruit, at the Landing at Bounty Bay. We were lucky enough to spend a total of 8 days at anchor or hove to off the island, giving the two watches four nights ashore each!

There are no words to describe the hospitality, warmth and friendship that was given by the islanders. We have it on good authority that our crew represented the Picton Castle very well. Always lending a hand when needed, joining in on the fun and embracing a new way of doing things. Many crew members put their skills to use in order to assist our gracious hosts. Our physical therapist Suzanne of New York City nearly spent every day ashore mending and putting back together a few patients, our engineer Deyan of Switzerland was able to diagnose a couple of washing machines that were in need of a fix. Sue of England, who is a veterinarian, was able to examine Miss T, the island’s only Galapagos tortoise, as well as a few goats.

There is much more to say about our visit to this amazing paradise island and it’s going to take some time for the entire experience to sink in. We’re leaving with our hearts full of love and our food lockers full of fruits and vegetables, so much so we have extra totes on deck to hold the overflow. Farewell Pitcairn Island, farewell.

From: Pitkern
Towards: Mangareva
Date: July 27 2018
Noon Position: Bounty Bay
Course + Speed: NWxW + 6.6 kts
Wind direction + Force: Northerly + 1
Swell Height + Direction: 2m + ENE
Weather: Bright, Sunny
Day’s Run: 0
Passage Log: 0
Distance to Port: 290 nm
Voyage: 6310.7 nm
Sails Set: Spanker, motor sailing

*information taken from 1300 log

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