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Captain’s Log – “Sailing by Starlight and Moonlight”

Written by Trainee Arne Stefferud

As the Picton Castle sails across the world’s oceans, each crew member spends time at night on watch sailing by starlight, and moonlight.

The stars and planets viewed from horizon to horizon are amazing! We have our own “planetarium view” and are learning about constellations that are not visible to us “back home”.

The moon’s phases also appear differently to us. The crescent moon appears at the bottom — not the side of the moon’s surface. I like to think of it as the man in the moon’s “smile”.

I began this voyage 3 months ago with this perspective: “The crew of the Picton Castle will sail across many latitudes and all the longitudes on World Voyage 7 with positive attitudes and hearts full of gratitude.”  Every day and night, I am reminded how true that is.

Arne Stefferud – WV7 Full Voyage Trainee

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