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Day’s Run – 19 July, 2018

0530 this morning lead seaman Lars of Norway announced to his watch on the quarterdeck that Pitcairn was in sight! Two lights that the islanders left on for us could be seen off the port bow. All hands were awoken at 0715, time to wolf down some rice pudding, sweet muffins and canned pineapple. Annie, of Ontario, Canada steered us through the big swells, surfing the Picton Castle, bound for the famous Bounty Bay – we had made it. Traveling a very similar route with no doubt similar conditions as Fletcher Christian did in 1790. As we inched closer you could begin to make out the different rock formations, various types of trees and the few houses that inhabit the island. Tammy, of Lunenburg, Canada gave crew members a quick guided tour pointing out the different locations from our deck. Excitement was building but there was still lots of work to do yet.

The Pitcairners launched their 40′ aluminum longboat and speed out to greet us. Smiling faces all around, the two groups – the sailors & the Islanders both old friends and strangers – were ecstatic to see one and other. In a matter of minutes, fruit was tossed from the longboat to deck and fire lined down to safety to our salon. Starboard watch was sent to get their bags.

Lifejackets were put on. Bags were handed over the rail and the crew one by one piled onto the boat, Donald of Grenada, our ships cook being the first aborad, happy to see old friends. And just like that half crew were ashore, while Port watch remains aboard crewing the ship as we’re hove-to. Sail handling was called in order to steer us out of Bounty Bay and the crew were broken into a day and night watch system. Captain kindly shared his delicious Pitcairn breadsticks with the Port watch, thanks to Meralda for making them!

From: Galapagos
Arrived: Pitcairn
Date: July 19, 2018
Noon Position: 24°59.7’S x 130°6.8′ W
Course + Speed: Unknown
Wind direction + Force: ExS + 5
Swell Height + Direction: 4m + ENE
Weather: Cloudy


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