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Day’s Run – 7 July, 2018

The wind is light, making steering tricky and keeping the helmsmen on their toes. At 1000 this morning we braced up sharp on a starboard tack, steering full and by the wind, now out of the west. This morning’s on watch put down their tools to leave the projects they were working on in order to handle sails. Setting the spanker, flying jib, outer jib, main t’gallant staysail, main topmast staysail, mizzen topmast staysail and the fore topmast staysail. This seems like a mouth full, no doubt about that, yet it only takes a few minutes and these white canvases are flying high above deck.

The welding team has come to a stopping point today on the stack house door, having done a sufficient amount of work, marking the beginning of the weekend onboard where tools lay to rest and quiet is enjoyed throughout the ship. The rigging team re-installed the lower topsail foot ropes, soaking up every last moment of being covered in tar, all day climbing aloft, only to come down for lunch. The sailmakers are stitching away, working vigorously on the new royal.

Today is the last day the temporary daymen work in their designated departments. On Monday new faces will have a chance to learn more about carpentry, engineering, sail making and rigging, the crew has been enjoying the rotation and the chance to learn more within this vast world of square rig sailing. The skills the crew learn on board can be transferred to trades on land, whether within a specific job or at home. Certainly in any maritime world.

Our world famous Senegalese painted dory Sea Never Dry is happily having her interior painted and her rudder scraped and primed – she’ll be looking world class by the time we get to set her Norwegian main sail flag.

Lovely sunny day, Picton Castle bobs along in the ENE swell, crew are settled into their routines pleasantly.


From: Galapagos
Towards: Pitcairn
Date: July 7, 2018
Noon Position: 17°36.5′ S x 116°26.6′ W
Course + Speed: SxE 1/2 E + 2.9′
Wind direction + Force: SWxS + 2
Swell Height + Direction: 3m + ENE
Weather: Bright and Sunny
Day’s Run: 65nm
Passage Log: 1,849nm
Distance to Port: 883.3nm
Voyage: 5309.6nm
Sails Set: All sails except the gaff topsail


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