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Day’s Run – June 13, 2018

With deck brushes in hand, the bright eyed and bushy tailed 4-8 watch enjoyed a pleasant sunrise this morning as they scrubbed the ship’s decks. From an outsider’s perspective one would think they’re practicing for the next winter Olympics as the Cook Islands curling team. The 8-12 watch took the deck, relieving the 4-8 from their watch duties to chow down on a hot breakfast. The semi-dory, our spare skiff, received a coat of white paint, the door frame of the scullery is getting an overhaul and the cross gripes in the monomoy got a healthy coat of tar. At 1200 we tacked the ship, loosed and set all sails – always a fun, thrilling, heart pumping event.

The awkward tension between the shellbacks and the pollywogs continues to build and the divide is becoming greater and greater each day. The pollywog resistance has retaliated with an ever so creative poem on the subject of turtle soup. Evidently the shellbacks did not take kindly to this kind of behavior. The impending doom for the pollywogs may be near, the court date is soon upon us.

From: Balboa, Panama
Towards: San Cristobal, Galapagos
Date: June 13, 2018
Noon Position: 01 27.8′ N – 081 48′ W
Course + Speed: W 1/4 S + 8.1 kts
Wind direction + Force: SWxS + 4
Swell Height + Direction: 3 + SSW
Weather: Bright, sunny, blue skies
Day’s Run: 122.8nm
Passage Log: 194.4nm
Distance to Port: 486nm
Voyage: 2,691.7nm
Sails set: All sails

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