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Day’s Run – June 12, 2018

As the new Picton Castle salts are nearing two months on board, the mates are encouraging them to advance their skills and knowledge. Last evening as we sailed along gracefully, the lead seamen took those who wished on a climb in the rig. They could become more accustomed to climbing and feeling their way around in the dark. Many enjoy the solitude of a night climb, as you reach higher and higher in the rig it feels as though you can nearly touch the black sky blanketed with thousands of white shinning stars.

At 0645 this morning all sails were taken in and we got under way by motor. Rain this morning caused ship’s work projects to take place either below decks or under cover. Arne of the USA started making baggywrinkle for the first time. Baggywrinkle is used to protect chafe between parts of the standing rigging, running rigging, or sails. On Picton Castle, you’ll see it on stays, protecting the sails from rubbing hard against them when their bellies fill with wind. Baggywrinkle is made up of 10″ inch pieces of manila rope that is woven through a line of ganjun, a very thin rope, which is then trimmed and wrapped around the stays. It’s very important that it is done properly or else things will chafe and our ship will look like a shaggy dog in need of a trim.

The tension between the shellbacks and the pollywogs continues as the ship approaches the Equator. The shellbacks are demonstrating their dominance by leaving messages around the ship including on the mirrors in the heads, on toilet paper and portholes. As the pollywogs realize that they out number the shellbacks retaliation has begun, responses have been made – this may not end well for those who retaliate, but how could they quietly sit by? It’s like the anticipation of Santa coming yet instead of jolly ol’ Saint Nick it’s Krampus who arrives.

From: Balboa, Panama
Towards: San Cristobal, Galapagos
Date: June 12, 2018
Noon Position: 02 30.1 N’ – 080 04.8′ W
Course + Speed: SW 1/2 W
Wind direction + Force: SWxW + 2-3
Swell Height + Direction: 3m + SSW
Weather: Overcast + Cloudy
Day’s Run: 79.3nm
Passage Log: 107.8nm
Distance to Port: 604nm
Voyage: 2497.3nm

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