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Day’s Run – June 11, 2018

Bound from Panama towards the South Pacific

Since we left Panama two days ago a flock of booby birds are hitching a ride on our yardarms. Resulting in white wet pellets falling from aloft onto a crew member passing underneath or coating the ship’s deck in white droplets beginning the war on the boobies. We wonder if these boobies are aiming.

The boobies were enjoying the free ride towards the Galapagos until 0730 this sunny Monday morning when the call came to loose all sail, giving the crew a chance at scaring off the birds. So far they have not returned – the battle has been won – for now. At 0800 all sails were set and the engine was shut down – everyone’s favourite sound. Suddenly you can hear the ocean lapping against the ship’s hull and the creaking of the rigging as the ship smoothly sways back and forth from port to starboard – we’re sailing again!

On deck the buzz that King Neptune may make an appearance within the next few days is the talk of the table. The majority of the gang onboard are
what they call “pollywogs” meaning they haven’t sailed across the Equator and those who have are known as “shellbacks”. Rumour is that the pollywogs will endure an unspoken traditional ritual when crossing the Equator in order to be reborn as shellbacks; the anticipation is building by the hours.

Ship’s work continues in an orderly fashion; the anchor chain received some wire brushing and oil lathering, the door on the port side breezeway head has been re-installed and the galley house was organized. To top it all off the crew on deck received a matinee show from the porpoises swimming by on the port side of the ship.

From: Balboa, Panama
Towards: San Cristobal, Galapagos
Date: June 11, 2018
Noon Position: 03 48, 1′ N, 080 21, 3′ W
Course + Speed: SExS + 6.7 kts
Wind direction + Force: South westernly + 3
Swell Height + Direction: 3m + SSW
Weather: Bright, sunny, cloud
Day’s Run: 156. 4nm
Passage Log: 162.2nm
Distance to Port: 620nm
Voyage: 2389.5nm
Sail Set: Flying jib, outer jib, inner jib, fore topmast staysail, all square sails

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