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Day’s Run – May 8, 2018

Ship’s work: A sun filled blue sky morning, we couldn’t ask for more pleasant sailing weather. The well deck is sprinkled with remnants of saw dust and wood shavings, as the bosun and assistants are busy upgrading the forward head. At the aft end of the ship the sail maker is pleasantly hand seaming together a brand new lower topsail. The chief mate is pleased that the repaired spanker is bent back onto the mizzen mast. Work on the windlass continues; the better we take care of our tools the longer they’ll last. Another mahi mahi was reeled in on the aloha deck by our fishing enthusiasts. Busy morning aboard the Picton Castle, we’re gradually becoming a well oiled machine.

From: New Orleans
Towards: Panama
Date: May 8 2018
Noon Position: 25 46’1 N x 085 54’1 W
Course + Speed: SxE + 6.1 kts
Wind direction + Force: NExE + 3
Swell Height + Direction: 2-3ft + NExE
Weather: Bright and sunny
Day’s Run: 133.6 nm
Passage Log: 145.8 nm
Distance to Port: 982 NM
Voyage: 511.8 nm
Sail Set: topsails, courses, t’galllants, royals, spanker

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