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Day’s Run – May 14, 2018

The day comes in fair and clear with light easterly winds. Blue skies and sea all around and above. Small flying fish dashing out of our way. Saw some big guns jumping early this morning.

Ship’s work: After yesterday’s Sunday day of rest and recovery the ship’s work is back underway. The bosun is busy overseeing Braham of Texas, USA begin the renovations of the port breezeway head. Carlos of Ontario, Canada continues work fixing up the foc’sle head hatch. The foc’sle head is the most forward deck of the ship, it’s roughly 7′ above the main deck. Directly below the foc’sle head is the foc’sle where nine crew of the ship sleep. The off watch foc’sle crew members attempt at a morning nap was rudely interrupted today by a wave splashing through the open portholes as an errant wave in cahoots with a helmsan off course soaked the port side crew bunks, oh the life of a sailor. This resulted in this morning’s high traffic on the well deck with crew drying out their ocean soaked sheets amongst others painting, priming and varnishing. The ship’s well deck work space is about 15′ x 23′. The area is fitted with work benches, the foremast and fife rail, pin rail, the tar locker, a cabinet in which we stow rigging supplies, the paint locker and rag bin.

From: New Orleans
Towards: Panama
Date: May 14 2018
Noon Position: 19 24,4’N – 079 32,4’W
Course + Speed: SE 1/2 E + 6,9kts
Wind direction + Force: 4 + SE
Swell Height + Direction: 1.5m + SE
Weather: Bright, sunny
Day’s Run: 165.0 nm
Passage Log: 165.8nm
Distance to Port: 597nm
Voyage: 1235.3nm
Sail Set: flying jib, outer jib, inner jib, fore topmast staysail, main topmast staysail, main t’gallant staysail, mizzen topmast staysail and mizzen staysail

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