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Day’s Run – May 13, 2018

We were in a squall system much of last night and this morning. Now the wind is settling down to southeast and the sun is out with a blue sky growing over us as we motor to the east looking for trade winds.

Ship’s work: Sundays At Sea, no ships work on Sundays beyond critical things. The bosun, sailmaker and cook all get a day of rest. The cooking is done by two shipmates, rather than standing their normal sea watches they spend their day in the galley. This morning’s rather large fish catch, roughly 4′ in length, helped supply today’s lunch with fresh mahi mahi.

From the Picton Castle crew we wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mums who made it possible for us to be a part of this amazing adventure. Living in these close quarters we all have to take on roles as mothers to each other. Whether it’s reminding crew members to wash their dishes or helping another shipmate wring out their laundry. We’re still in the beginnings of the voyage but it is apparent that when a shipmate is in need another is right behind him/her to lend a hand.

As the day unfolds on board the sun’s rays have begun to get hotter and hotter. The chief mate, Erin, of Bermuda, has posted on the scuttle (the two door entrance and exit to below decks) that a ‘Power Shower’ will commence at 1600. A power shower consists of rigging up a large fire hose and spraying it down over the main deck with salt water for all to enjoy. Today is unwinding to be a fantastic Sunday At Sea aboard the Picton Castle.

From: New Orleans
Towards: Panama
Date: May 13 2018
Noon Position: 19 585’N – 082 23,4’W
Course + Speed: SE x E 1/2 E + 6, 8 kts
Wind direction + Force: NNE + 2
Swell Height + Direction: 1m + SExE
Weather: Bright, sunny
Day’s Run: 130.7nm
Passage Log: 163.4nm
Distance to Port: 646 NM
Voyage: 1069.5 NM
Sail Set: None

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