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Day’s Run – May 11, 2018

Ship’s Work: All hands muster yesterday at 1615 for an insight into the advantages and disadvantages of a square rigger vs a schooner and an introduction on how to tack a barque. After the workshop the crew tacked the ship from a southeasterly course to a northeasterly course. This morning the ship’s work continues as planned, the Captain and bosun discuss with the first mate what jobs are pressing. The first mate passes along the discussed jobs to the lead seamen who then assign tasks to the on watch trainees. At 1000, about 12 miles south of Cuba, the on watch and on deck hands wore ship, turning the ship way from the wind, from a northeasterly course to a southeasterly course, bound for Panama more or less. The sounds of banging and scraping continue to echo throughout the ship. The windlass overhaul is almost done. The forward head is back up and running and looking sharp with its fresh coat of white paint and varnished mahogany seat. The ship’s sailmaker dove into the beginnings of a new royal – busy morning on deck under a bright tropic sun.

From: New Orleans
Towards: Panama
Date: May 11, 2018
Noon Position: 21 25,4’N – 084 24,4’W
Course + Speed: Full + by / 3,4kts
Wind direction + Force: ESE + 3
Swell Height + Direction: 3′ + ESE
Weather: Bright, sunny
Day’s Run: 65.4 nm
Passage Log: 81.3nm
Distance to Port: 762 nm
Voyage: 839 nm
Sail Set: flying jib, square sails fore + main, main t’gallant staysail, main topmast staysail, mizzen staysail, mizzen topmast staysail 4

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