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Day’s Run – May 10, 2018

Passed Cuba last night at dusk, then south into the Caribbean Sea. Small seas, light winds, lots of stars as the North Star keeps sinking towards the horizon.

Ship’s Work: The ship’s day time work begins at sunrise or 6:00 AM, whichever comes second. Every morning, the 4-8 on watch starts the new day off with a deck wash. This rids the ship of unwanted dirt and grime built up from the previous day. A quieter work morning as the rust busting tools were laid to rest, allowing off watches to nap peacefully. The well deck was littered with open projects and busy working bee crew. Scraping, priming and painting continues on the windlass. Ratline rope is being prepped to be sent into the rigging. The battle of the forward head continues, yesterday’s defeat hasn’t discouraged our young mate Corey of Saskatchewan, Canada. He leads the charge, under the watchful eye of the ship’s bosun in having the head up and running as soon as humanly possible. Most of the crew onboard are here for the next year; it’s rewarding when you see firsthand the overall outcome of your work. And to witness the benefits of a job well done.

From: New Orleans
Towards: Panama
Date: May 10 2018
Noon Position: 21 07,4′ N x 085 00, 4 W
Course + Speed: SxE 1/2 E + 3.5
Wind direction + Force: E + 2
Swell Height + Direction: 0.5 m + E
Weather: Bright and sunny
Day’s Run: 88,7 nm
Passage Log: 78, 8 nm
Distance to Port: 758 nm
Voyage: 752, 7nm
Sail Set: main + foresail, topsails, t’gallants, royals, inner jib, outer jib, flying jib, fore topmast staysail, mizzen topmast staysail, main topmast staysail, main t’gallant staysail

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