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Around Cuba

May 10, 2018

The day comes in fair and mild. Small seas. Light force 3 breezes out of the ESE. Yards against the backstays on the port tack, all canvas set and drawing. Helmsman sailing by-the-wind and making about south by half east (175). A small flying fish has landed aboard the Picton Castle during the night giving himself up for the Captain’s ritual good luck breakfast. An egret joined us yesterday before we rounded the west end of Cuba. This bird seems to want to join the crew. Quite fearless as it walks on its still-life legs across the cargo hatch amongst the people. The cats are not sure what to do but seem convinced that they should do something about this big bird.

We have had an outstanding sailing ship passage from the Mississippi Delta across the Gulf Of Mexico into the Caribbean Sea. Commonly we could have expected headwinds on the way towards the Yucatan Channel but instead we had a fine sailing breeze almost every inch of the way all the way to Cuba. Last night as we approached Cuba to round it we had some squalls off the land, all expected and nothing too scary. We need to get good at managing squalls anyway.

The gang is doing well and adjusting to life on board a classic wind ship. Learning ther myriad (205) lines and the commands and tasks associated with sail and ship handling and doing well at it. More to come.

Captain Moreland and his flying fish breakfast

Good luck breakfast of flying fish

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