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Day’s Run – February 26, 2018

Land Ho! Sighted Gibb Hill, Bermuda just after noon today. Its been a good passage and we are all looking forward to seeing our friends in Bermuda. A beautiful star filled night at sea last night and another bright and sunny day today. We should be entering the Town Cut at St. George’s, Bermuda late this afternoon and be tied up shortly thereafter. Hello Bermuda.

Date: 26 February 2018
Noon Position: 32°41.0’N, 064°48.0’W
Course + Speed: SxE, 7.9kts
Wind direction + Force: WxS, F 4
Swell Height + Direction: 1m, WxS
Weather: Clear and Sunny
Day’s Run: 185nm
Passage Log: 873nm
Distance to Port: 23nm
Voyage: 1020nm

The Mate spots land

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