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Day’s Run – February 25, 2018

What a change! Yesterday afternoon came with our much anticipated crossing of the Gulf Stream. Even when you have crossed in and out of this current before it is always a surprise just how quickly the world around you can change. Very suddenly the water temp shot up to 24°C and the air turned warm and moist. At about the same time Picton Castle was caught by the current, we went from motor sailing at 8kts speed over ground to about 12kts over ground and gained a few more points of leeway as well! Though the afternoon was overcast and squally the change in climate was most welcome to all hands, including ship’s cat Fiji who has finally emerged from under the mass of covers she had been hiding under.

This morning the clouds cleared and the west wind picked up again and we really feel like we are back to blue water sailing, the first flying fish came onboard this morning and the crew are in short sleeves. Today is Sunday, so no ship’s work apart from the normal watch routine and ship’s cook Donald takes a much deserved break. The meals are being prepared by the watches and they are doing well at putting out some good food.

As good a passage as it has been it feels like it will be all too short in the end, Bermuda is just over the horizon and we will be making port in the next couple of days to continue our fit out work for the Gulf of Mexico. It will be a busy time but Bermuda is a great place that has always treated the ship well and we have many good friends there.

Being as we have made such good time on the passage we are going to be able to shut down the main engine for a while this afternoon and get to enjoy a little bit of sailing in the warm breeze and deep blue waters.

Date: 25 February 2018
Noon Position: 35°18.6’N, 066°45.0’W
Course + Speed: SxW, 9.0kts
Wind direction + Force: WxS, F 5
Swell Height + Direction: 1.5m, W
Weather: Clear and Sunny
Day’s Run: 217nm
Passage Log: 648nm
Distance to Port: 205nm
Voyage: 831nm

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