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Captain’s Log – Bermuda Tall Ship Event

The City of Hamilton, Capital of Bermuda is nestled into the surrounding harbour, where we, the beautiful black PICTON CASTLE was at anchor. Not like a typical city that comes to mind, our view from the ship consisted of colourful buildings, none taller than three or four stories high, two clock towers and maybe a handful of churches. It was a beautiful sight waking up to the numerous tall ships in port, some three ships deep off the pier. Hamilton is, aside from America’s Cup, a rather peaceful city, the locals are tremendously friendly and easy to talk to whether it be asking for directions or discussing the local culture.

I was lucky to be able to join a few of the Picton crew in the Tall Ship Crew Parade that concluded in the park where the organisers held a ceremony to distribute awards. We won Best Crew! Although I had only been with the PICTON CASTLE for two days, it seemed fitting. We ARE the best crew, more than that we are a family. As the committee cleared the pavilion to make way for the DJ, our marching legs became dancing legs and oh how we danced! Swapping costumes, snapping photos and laughing as the sun went down. The music became louder and so the dancing continued even the less agile joined in with the impressive sit-dancing skills. We were, impressively, the last crew remaining and danced the final song with the local Town Crier.

Eventually, we all made our way back to the PICTON CASTLE. “To the black pirate ship”, we pointed to a lovely couple that motored us out into the dark starry bay.

As I tucked into my bunk at the stern of the ship, laid my head on my pillow I smiled to myself. I was home.




Written by Annie Featherstone, Trainee on board PICTON CASTLE

Annie Featherstone

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