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Captain’s Log 10 October, 2016 – Drydock Continues …

Picton Castle has now been in drydock for a week.  The ship was hauled out last Monday at the Lunenburg Foundry for routine maintenance.  We haul the ship out of the water every two years in order to inspect, clean and overhaul the hull and the through-hull fittings.  She’s awfully impressive out of the water, there’s a lot more ship under the waterline than you might imagine! 20161004_162311_resized

Bosun School students did a walk around the outside of the hull last Monday with Captain Moreland, as he pointed out a number of interesting features and ran down the work list.  Since then, the hull has been pressure washed to remove the marine growth, the old zinc anodes have been removed, epoxy primer has been spot painted on to the small areas where there was bare steel and we’ve done testing of the thickness of the steel hull.  Through-hull fittings have been removed for cleaning and overhaul, and seacock valves have also been removed for the same reason.  While out of the water, Picton Castle is also having her annual survey. 20161003_155022-reduced

It’s now Thanksgiving Monday in Lunenburg and the workers at the Lunenburg Foundry are enjoying a holiday.  It’s raining today, but weather looks fair for the next few days which should allow work to continue on the hull.

To celebrate Thanksgiving, Captain Moreland hosted a dinner for the Bosun School crew at his home on Sunday night.  We all have so much to be thankful for!

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