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A Ship’s Cat’s Life Ashore

Since returning to Picton Castle’s home base in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada two weeks ago, ship’s cat Fiji has made herself at home in this UNESCO World Heritage town.

We’re often asked who owns Fiji.  She really owns herself, as most cats do.  However, she does not have one single owner, she goes with the ship wherever Picton Castle goes.  Sure, she has crew members who she prefers (she especially likes whoever is assigned to feed her).

Our little cat is stretching her legs in Lunenburg, getting ashore and exploring the town.  She didn’t have a collar for the first few days after the ship arrived in port, so we got her a black collar with a reflective silver design and a tag with her name on one side and Picton Castle written on the other along with the ship’s office phone number.

Since getting her tag, we have had multiple phone calls about Fiji.  She was picked up by a concerned family on King Street outside the Bank of Montreal, she was spotted sneaking into an inn on Montague Street after hours, she visited the Bluenose II wharf, and was lying on the table amongst the books and notecards for sale at Lunenburg Bound.  Although we haven’t seen it ourselves yet, rumour has it that she is being fed treats of scallops at the back door of at least one local restaurant.

Fiji has even made her way up to our shore office, resting for the afternoon in one of our armchairs and finding a comfy (?) spot amongst the office supplies the next morning.


Fiji - turning even the most jaded among us into cat people

Fiji – turning even the most jaded among us into cat people

Questionable Comfort at the office

Questionable Comfort at the office


Turning old armchairs into things unbearably cute

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