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Day’s Run – 30 June, 2016

The wind has been lightening and steadily veering to the Southeast and as such just before noon we wore ship onto the Port tack.

With our Studding Sail gear this takes some time. As we only have one set, we can only set Studding Sails one side at a time. So in come the sails, down come the booms, all the gear is shifted over to port then up with the booms again and then we can set full sail again. The process, with enough hands, takes just about two hours.

Another drill was called this afternoon: this time a fire drill. The crew are doing well with the safety drills and getting good at carrying out their assignments. But it is often said that a perfect drill is of little use, as it leaves no room for improvement. Which is why this afternoon’s drill had a good twist to it: a squall. It is certainly not an unreasonable possibility to have to fight a fire while some other event is happening and this was a good test for the crew. They handled it well though being flexible with the needs of getting sail in and the problems of communication in an absolute downpour. The end result being mostly that all of our gear got a good fresh water rise and with the laundry lines full we again set all sail and put the wind behind us making our way toward Canada

SHIP’S WORK: Shift the Mainsail; quarter deck caulking; Sailmaking repairs continue to Lower Topsail ‘G’ and Upper Topsail ‘H’ and roping continues on the new Upper Topsail

FROM: La Rochelle, France

TOWARDS: Quebec, Canada


NOON POSITION: 34°25’N / 044°21’W

DAYS RUN: 88nm




WIND: E x S, Force 3

WEATHER: Sun and cumulus clouds, air temp: 25°C, water temp: 24°C SWELL HIGHT & DIRECTION:  E’rly, 1 – 2ft SAILS SET: All Sail, except Fore Topmast Staysail

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