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Day’s Run – 25 June, 2016

While our good speed continues we are having to work a bit harder for it. The wind strength and direction have started to become more inconsistent and this requires much more sail handling to get the utmost out of the ship. All bent sail was set this morning as the wind moderated, but as it increased again in came the kites. The venerable old Flying Jib that has pulled the ship for so many miles over the past 15 years was unbent for (probably) the last time. The new Flying Jib, being completed, was made up for bending first thing in the morning and sent out into the rig. It’s quite a feeling to be able to make our own sails by hand and then get the satisfaction of being able to set them and feel the ship move along under their power. The Sailmaker and a few others spent a moment on the Focs’l head admiring our new creation, but then – with no time to waste – back to the quarter deck to continue work on our new Upper Topsail and Main Topmast Staysail.

As the winds have been quite strong for our lighter suite of sail, when the Royals came in this morning a few hands were sent up to put some stitches in before any holes started to open up and get some practices mending sail aloft. This also presented a good opportunity to get the halyard runner bushed and greased, and they were brought into the rig for service.

A good day’s work and by late afternoon with the wind moderating again. We are under all sail except the Studding Sails and enjoying another fantastic dinner from Donald, looking forward to another Sunday at sea tomorrow.

SHIP’S WORK: End for end Main Upper Topsail halyard and Main Royal halyard; brush and grease Royal halyard runners; replace STBD Fore T’gallant clewline; painting in MONOMOY and Semi-Dory; begin overhaul on Main Topmast Staysail sheet pennants; Carpenter’s shop cleaning; shift Flying Jib.

FROM: La Rochelle, France

TOWARDS: Quebec, Canada


NOON POSITION: 29°46’N / 034°48’W

DAYS RUN: 149nm




WIND: NE, Force 5

WEATHER: Sunny, air temp: 24°C, water temp: 23°C


SAILS SET: All Sail, except Studding sails and Flying Jib

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