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Day’s Run – 13 May, 2016

Overnight as predicted the wind built with the seas still relatively small the ship rode along comfortably logging 7 and 8kts most of the night into the morning. The crew have been keeping busy doing their ship checks and keeping a close eye on things in general. It has been said that ‘eternal vigilance is the price of safety at sea’, and this we practice.

Off watch crew are comfortably ensconced in the hold working on some projects, the Bosun has the Fish Tackle down and is servicing it with a few hands and other hands are stitching the cloths of a new Main Topmast Staysail together.

On deck as the afternoon turned into night the wind has stayed strong and the seas have picked up. As the watch goes on about their rounds there are two people at the helm now to keep the ship from rounding up as the seas try to move the stern around and the Mate on watch, ever vigilant, is scanning the seas, watching the wind and keeping an eye on the helmsman.

And as such the ship speeds on safely into the night.


SHIP’S WORK: Continue to overhaul Fish Tackle, stitching on Main Topmast Staysail


FROM: Lunenburg, NS, Canada

TOWARDS: La Rochelle, France


NOON POSITION: 43°03.7’N / 044°08.6’W

DAYS RUN: 116nm




WIND: W x N, Force 8

WEATHER: Overcast and squally, air temp: 10°C, water temp: 19°C

SWELL HEIGHT & DIRECTION: 6 to 8 ft, W’rly

SAILS SET: Topsails, Foresail, Fore Topmast Staysail

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