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Day’s Run – 2 April, 2016

Saturday brings another day of perfect sailing.  We’re having a great passage north towards Bermuda with fair winds and clear skies.

Ty - baggy wrinkle

Ty – baggy wrinkle

SHIP’S WORK: Shift fore lower topsail, fore topmast staysail.  Paint skiff gunwales port side red and black.  Repair inner jib, seaming on new sails.  Work continues shaping the new jibboom.  Captain called all hands for a passage update, followed by a workshop on how to make baggy wrinkle.

FROM: Marigot, St Martin

TOWARDS: St George, Bermuda


NOON POSITION: 28°34.9’N /064°35.4’W

DAYS RUN: 133nm



COURSE AND SPEED: North by East half East (CMGT 000°T)

WIND: Force 4, South East

WEATHER: 2/8 cloud cover (cumulus), air temp 75F (24°C), barometer reading 1023 millibars, visibility good

SWELL HEIGHT & DIRECTION: approx 3 feet, South East

SAILS SET: Square sails to the royals, main topmast stu’n’s’l, fore, main and mizzen topmast staysails and inner jib, spanker and gaff topsail braced up on a starboard tack.

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