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Day’s Run – 1 April, 2016

Another sunny day of excellent sailing.  Gary finished the log line he’s been working on to find our speed through the water.  Notices about the Palm Beach Exclusion Zone, and limiting water consumption to 2 cups of coffee each per day turned out to be April fools…

Switching Out Topsails

Switching Out Topsails

SHIP’S WORK: Shift main upper topsail and fore upper topsail (with t’gallants and royals set above), varnish port Q-deck boxes, stuns’l boom, KARL mast.  Repairs to lower topsail.  Sail drill: gaff topsail.

FROM: Marigot, St Martin

TOWARDS: St George, Bermuda


NOON POSITION: 26°25.6’N /064°14.2’W

DAYS RUN: 125nm



COURSE AND SPEED: North by half East (CMGT 356°T)

WIND: Force 4, East by North

WEATHER: 3/8 cloud cover (cumulus, cirrus), air temp 77F (25°C), barometer reading 1025 millibars, visibility good

SWELL HEIGHT & DIRECTION: approx 3 feet, East by North

SAILS SET: Square sails to the royals except the mainsail, fore, main and mizzen topmast staysails and inner jib, spanker and gaff topsail braced up on a starboard tack.

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