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Day’s Run – 6 March, 2016

PICTON CASTLE crew spent the first few days of March in Dominica – an amazing visit to a wonderful island!  The island is steep with no good anchorage so we put out the port anchor and tied our stern tied to a tree – that way the anchor is trying to drag up hill and held beautifully.  Dominica is just a short daysail north of Martinique, but it’s a totally different place, even the weather seemed more steamy – hot and damp.  The island is big and incredibly lush and beautiful with seemingly endless rainforest and waterfalls to explore.  I’m sure I’ll be saying it in a few more places yet, but it seems the people are extra welcoming here too…

6 Mar Dominica helm and Dominica resized 6 Mar Dominica ocean swim resized 6 Mar Dominica ship tied resized 6 Mar Dominica ship resized 6 Mar Dominica resized

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