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Day’s Run – 13 February, 2016

Our celestial navigators continue to practice shooting the sun, with a revision workshop to run through the steps to find latitude today. The captain ran an all hands workshop this afternoon on the theory of sailmaking, followed by a practical lesson in making ditty bags with Sailmaker John for anyone who hasn’t made one yet.

Cutting the next plank for KARL

Cutting the next plank for KARL

SHIP’S WORK: We’re working on the boats to get them looking good and ready to sail in the Caribbean: painted buff in the skiff, grey and black in MONOMOY, scraped and sanded MONOMOY sole boards, and continued KARL planking. Sailmakers worked on patches on stuns’ls, seaming the new t’gallant stuns’l, made the long splice in the roping for the new main t’gallant stays’l and completed the roping. Completed main topmast stays’l tack pennant, continued to overhaul the port main yard footrope.

FROM: Mindelo, Sāo Vicente, Cape Verde
TOWARDS: The West Indies
NOON POSITION: 16°40.6’N /036°42’W
DAYS RUN: 147nm
COURSE AND SPEED: West by North (CMGT 268°T)
WIND: Force 5, North East by North
WEATHER: 7/8 cloud cover (cumulus, stratocumulus), air temp 76F (24°C), barometer reading 1022 millibars, visibility good
SWELL HEIGHT & DIRECTION: approx 6-8 feet, North East by North
SAILS SET: Topsails and staysails

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