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Day’s Run – 12 February, 2016

Another great day’s run with average speeds continuing around 6 knots. Not bad considering we’re moving 600 tons of ship through the water and all powered just the wind in our sails. We had a power-shower today: the fire hose rigged up in the port fore shrouds accompanied by much squealing and laughter – the water was maybe a little cold, but it was warm enough drying off after in the sun. Fish steaks in spicy sauce with rice for supper, and more banana bread as the bananas are getting pretty ripe by now.

Shooting the  sun

Shooting the sun

SHIP’S WORK: Downrig and begin overhauling port main yard footrope, paint buff inside skiff, oil skiff floorboards, paint grey in MONOMOY, carpentry and sailmaking projects continue. Celestial classes continue with lots of sextant practice; we’re focusing on taking sun sights at local apparent noon, and using that to figure our latitude.

FROM: Mindelo, Sāo Vicente, Cape Verde
TOWARDS: The West Indies
NOON POSITION: 16°38.6’N /034°06.5’W
DAYS RUN: 136nm
COURSE AND SPEED: West by North (CMGT 272°T)
WIND: Force 5, North East by North
WEATHER: 3/8 cloud cover (cumulous), air temp 76F (24°C), barometer reading 1021 millibars, visibility good
SWELL HEIGHT & DIRECTION: approx 6-8 feet, North East
SAILS SET: Topsails and staysails

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