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Day’s Run – 13 December, 2015

A busy day of interesting work aboard the ship, while most of the off watch had a more relaxing Sunday ashore, wandering the small shops and sorting through junk in a giant flea market to find treasures. That and lots of cups of mint tea on tiled and painted terraces all over town.

KARL's new garboard strake

KARL’s new garboard strake

SHIP’S WORK: The carpenter and his gang rigged up the steam box to steam the port garboard plank for Karl to make it pliable enough to fit her curves and was fastened and clamped in place overnight. Meanwhile the captain and third mate rigged up the small sewing machine on the quarterdeck and seamed up the first layout of a new t’gallant studding sail out of number 12 canvas.

At: anchor, Essaouira, Morocco
POSITION: 31°30.2’N /009°46.4’W
WEATHER: Still calm and clear. Temperature much the same as yesterday: warm in the day and cool at night.

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