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Day’s Run – 12 December, 2015

Another day at anchor off Essaouira. Carpenter Tim made friends with a local ship builder here so we got a tour of the ship yard to see some wooden fishing boats and ships at varying stages of construction, and the simple tools used for their construction: a 70 year old band saw and planer (originally diesel, now battery powered), and a simple fire pit for bending the planks. We were even invited to climb aboard a big wooden fishing boat that was almost finished, and take a peek below decks at the enormous eucalyptus frames and close ribs – these boats are built for strength!

Fishing boats and the medina gate

Fishing boats and the medina gate

SHIP’S WORK: Remove a link from martingale stays and set up headrig, primer on topsides, t’gallant rail and freeing ports, scrub clean the topsides from deck and from the boat, rig MONOMOY and take her for a test sail, ratlines in the main shrouds, restoration of Karl continues. Training in harbour stow for headsails: tricing them up by the clew, and some skiff driving training.

At: anchor, Essaouira, Morocco
NOON POSITION: 31°30.2’N /009°46.4’W
WEATHER: Still calm and clear. Temperature much the same as yesterday: warm in the day and cool at night.

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