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Day’s Run – 20 November, 2015

The sun came out today but the wind died – the good and bad of a high pressure system at sea. Sunny weather meant we could get lots done on deck: making headway in sailmaking, rigging, carpentry and painting projects. We also did a drill to practice rescuing someone injured in the chain locker – the rescue team wore breathing apparatus in case the ‘unconscious’ volunteer had been affected by a lack of oxygen or poisonous atmosphere, then with neck brace fitted they used a strop and a team in the forepeak to help lift the casualty up to a flat surface where a stretcher and the medical team were waiting.

Drill: Rescue from the chain locker

Drill: Rescue from the chain locker

SHIP’S WORK: Send down the fore upper topsail for repairs and bend on a replacement, end-for-end fore t’gallant braces and main royal sheet, paint grey on quarterdeck rail and buff on port davits, seize new thumb cleat on port fore shrouds, seize shearpoles on fore backstays, seize and patch serve mizzen topmast stay and main upper craneline, nip bunts, move buntline blocks, replace ratlines starboard fore and main topmast shrouds, install graving piece in a focslehead plank.

TOWARDS: Cadiz, Spain
NOON POSITION: 40°58.5’N /025°01.1’W
DAYS RUN: 140nm
COURSE AND SPEED: East by south a half south (74°True), 3kts
WIND: SWxS, Force 3
WEATHER: 8/8 cloud cover (stratocumulus and cirrus), air temp 64F (18°C), sea surface temp 66F (19°C) barometer reading 1030 millibars SWELL HIGHT & DIRECTION: 3-5 feet, SW SAILS SET: All square sails to the t’gallants and the main royal, fore, main and mizzen topmast staysails, inner, outer and flying jib, spanker.

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