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Day’s Run – 6 November, 2015

Fairly big seas today, the final remnants of last night’s strong winds. Some water sloshing across the main deck and out through the freeing ports. Occasionally a bigger wave comes over the rail and you can hear where it hit by the sound of the shriek – unless the watch were quick enough to get out of the way! Lucky the water is warm. We have man-ropes rigged tight across the main decks and quarterdeck to give an extra hand-hold.

The mate watches 4-8 stow the fore upper topsai

The mate watches 4-8 stow the fore upper topsai

SHIP’S WORK: Main aim of the day was just to keep the ship moving and in the right direction: keep the wind on the quarter and steer as straight as able in the swell. Other jobs included re-lashing the boats and greasing and installing shearpoles on the head rig turnbuckles. The focus of training in the watches was on belaying lines under strain and continued weather observations.

BOUND FROM: Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
TOWARDS: Flores Island, Azores
NOON POSITION: 39°29.3’N /050°08.3W
DAYS RUN: 118nm
COURSE AND SPEED: SE (109°True), 4kts
WIND: NxW, Force 5
WEATHER: 5/8 cloud cover (Cumulus), 58F (14°C), sea surface temp 73F
(23°C) barometer reading 1026 millibars
SWELL HEIGHT & DIRECTION: 8-10 feet, North West by North
SAILS SET: topsails, mainsail and foresail, inner jib and foretopmast staysail.

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