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Day’s Run – 5 November, 2015

This afternoon’s workshop was a passage and weather update from the Captain. He explained that we’re making good progress, both in miles logged and in the developing competence of the crew. The watches were focussed on the mainsail today as we set it and took it in plenty of times depending on the wind: aloft to loose and coil the gaskets then back on deck to set it, and then the whole operation in reverse if the wind freshens or a squall looks strong enough to take it in.

Fiji telling the Captain to take a coffee break!

Fiji the ship’s cat telling the Captain to take a coffee break!

SHIP’S WORK: Replace starboard outer jib sheet, end for end starboard fore lower topsail sheet, got a coat of primer on a new fire-hose box and did some organising in the hold and the sole.

BOUND FROM: Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
TOWARDS: Flores Island, Azores
NOON POSITION: 40°08.6’N /052°54.9W
DAYS RUN: 150nm
COURSE AND SPEED: SExE (103°True), 5kts
WIND: NxW, Force 5
WEATHER: 4/8 cloud cover (Cumulus), 58F (14°C), sea surface temp 70F
(21°C) barometer reading 1023 millibars
SWELL HEIGHT & DIRECTION: 6-8 feet, North by West
SAILS SET: topsails, mainsail and foresail, inner jib and foretopmast staysail.

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