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Day’s Run – 28 October, 2015

Noon Position: Docked in Lunenburg, NS, Canada

Weather: Overcast morning, clear sky afternoon, H 9c L1c, barometer 1032

It’s official, the pesky Southeasterly expected tomorrow will delay our departure. Everyone from the Captain on down are chomping a the bit to get underway and thus are disappointed to still be on the dock. The decision, however, is the correct one to have made. After all final official surveys and inspections are complete, the ship will depart after this weather passes (we’ll announce the departure date and time here as soon as it’s confirmed). To fill the day the crew continued to practice emergency drills, sail handling and row training. They were also introduced to skills such as boxing the compass and learning the terms used in relative bearings when relaying information from lookout to the watch officer on duty.

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28 Oct 5optimized

28 Oct twooptmized

Ship’s Work: Continue stowing for sea; set up the rig for main t’gallant/royal mast, fore topmast and inner jibboom guys. Training: Sail drill (12-4 fwd, 4-8 mid, 8-12 aft); emergency drills; in watches, introduction to boxing the compass, relative bearings (lookout) and completing pin rail diagrams. Engine Room: replaced water maker suction line; continue general cleaning and sea stowage; remove and replace jigger pump for rose locker.

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