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Day’s Run – 27 October 2015

Noon Position: Docked in Lunenburg, NS, Canada

Weather: Cold, clear sky, H 9c L1c, barometer 1036

A new aspect of ship work was added into training today. Two of the three watches went through a couple of rounds dropping, then hauling up the port anchor. This involves learning how to use the windless, the fish tackle and capstan. Working the windless brings up the lions share of the anchor chain; the capstan hauls the anchor up with smaller, slower adjustments; and the fish tackle hooks the anchor, in a couple of different places, to manoeuvre it into place. Doing all of this requires a lot of communication and coordination between the crew….just like rowing the Monomoy and sailing the ship.

Part two of today’s schedule included a run through of finding, setting up and then stowing the heavy weather gear as well as a ‘surprise’ man over board drill which included gathering gear to the hatch and using the rescue boat.

27 Oct 4 optimized

27 Oct 1optimized

27 Oct 4 and 5

Ship’s Work: Prime new welds and headstay seizings; top coat focs’le head round; install shear poles on mizzen shrouds; oil blocks from deck; Second Mate did a rig check; mousings on headrig and mizzen shackles; replaced starboard fore lower tops’l brace, spanker clew inhaul and port main royal brace; continue to stow ship for sea.

Training: heavy weather gear drill for 4-8; Monomoy for rowing practice with Second Mate for 8-12 and 4-8; man overboard drill, rescue boat alongside.

Engine Room: Ran starboard generator; replaced oil pressure gauge on air compressor; general clean up and storage; ran sabb; continue training watch assistants.

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