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Day’s Run – 26 October, 2015

Noon Position: Docked in Lunenburg, NS, Canada

Weather: Clear sky, H 11c L -1c, barometer 1024

During the muster following this afternoons prepare to abandon ship drill, the Captain stressed the importance of donning the immersion suits quickly, and helping shipmates to do the same. Once this is done any other assigned tasks can be completed.

The continued sail training drills have given the crew plenty of opportunity to practice and hone their stowing skills. Each time crew line a yard they learn and/or remember more about the proper techniques making them more efficient. This base line knowledge will give everyone a huge leg up when stowing sail for the first time while out to sea.

26 Oct 1 optimized

26 Oct 2 optimized

26 Oct 3 optimized

Ship’s Work: Clean and stow ship; install WTD gaskets, aft ship; rust bust scuttle hatch aft edge; replace gaskets aloft; mousing round on fore mast; coatings on new welds; re-tension fore royal pole; oil mizzen pole.

Training: Comms training with Captain, 2nd and 3rd officers; sail drill, all hands 4-8 fwd, 8-12 midships, 12-4 aft; emergency drills with sails set, inc fire and prepare to abandon ship drill.

Engine room: electrical hookup for new air compressor motor; replace main bearings in air compressor.

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