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Day’s Run – 22 October, 2015

Noon Position: Docked in Lunenburg, NS, Canada

Weather: Overcast, H 13c L 6c, barometer 1019

The ‘to do’ list was long and plentiful today and we accomplished everything that was noted down. It does a body good to see so many check marks on one piece of paper. From crossing the t’gallant yard on the fore, to prepping and loading ship projects to be completed while underway, to trying to row in unison (much harder than it looks) there was plenty to keep the entire crew busy and engaged.

22 Oct 5 optimized

22 Oct two

22 Oct 1 optimized

Ship’s Work: Sent up fore t’gallant yard; installed spanker boom; loaded Karl and Sea Never Dry; stowed hold and sole; run rig on fore for t’gallant and royal yards; continue to clean and oil anchor chain; rust busted focs’l head round; continue to tune headrig.

Training: row training for 4-8 in Monomoy with Chief Mate and Lead Seaman; loading with stay, yard and mast tackles.

Engine room: Charge batteries in the morning and evening; installed piping for new bilge pump; attempted to start starboard lister; cleaned out starboard lister start air line; removed air start handle on starboard lister for service.

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